Public News


From 1990 to 1992, I worked part-time at Public News, a weekly 47,000-circulation newspaper that served the inner loop of Houston. It was a heady and rambunctious operation – production was done on Tuesday night and the entire weekly was assembled on wax within a few hours. I served as an “office assistant” which quickly became “production” and the “driver” – as I was the only one on staff that had a reliable vehicle (an the insomnia) to drive it all the way to the printer in Texas City. I ended my work there as an Editorial Assistant.

Public News was affiliated with the Alternative Weekly Network [AWN], a non-profit that helped place national ads in about 100 affiliated alternative papers across the country.

Chromadepth 3D


Chromadepth is a patented system that produces a stereoscopic 3D effect due to the diffraction of color through a prism-like holographic film fitted into glasses. These Chromadepth glasses purposely shift colors into different positions in space, with red being in front, and blue being in back. The obvious advantage over other 3D systems is the lack of any color shift on the layout itself.

The concentric cycles that were a motif in the Verizon branding campaign were colored red to yellow against a dark blue background: with Chromadepth glasses these cycles “pop out” of the image.ChromaDepth_3Dglasses



I don’t regard my mobile phone photography as part of my professional work, but increasingly that distinction is being blurred. More and more – thanks to the quality of smartphone cameras and their ability to upload on site – I have been using them for client and portfolio work. And quite often when I’m setting up a video shoot, I’ll snap a picture and upload it to Instagram as a teaser to a video:

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Photo Restoration


I’m often asked to perform photo restorations, colorizing black and white photos, and inserting items into photographs. The example above utilized my early training as an still-life artist to reconstruct the girl’s head.

Matt Hall

Profile photos have been gaining in popularity as social media sites are showcasing photos and videos in profiles. Matt Hall needed an update and I shot with natural light indoors and with a fill-flash outdoors.



Benjamin Schoellmann


Unlike business brands, personal branding is tied more to the affinities and proclivities of an individual rather than the endeavor of a business. In this case, affirmation is the key point. And this spread, done in magazine format, serves as an infographic for daily meditation.