Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith Ministries was happy to learn that our team could create, print and distribute their newsletter, their annual report, and that our newsprint ads would help promote their cause (Meals on Wheels) and that we would coordinate their fundraising gala. As a creative lead on this yearlong project we put together four quarterly newsletters, a contingent of newsprint ads, several themes for their gala, along with all the associated mailings, invites, and donation cards.

Below are several examples of the invitations that were created. The theme was interconnectivity. This mockup featured a basket-weave background and contains two simple die-cuts that were inter-folded providing a simple, cheap, and eye-catching feature.


The invitation below is the same 3.5×5 inch standard with a “barn-door fold” instead of the inter-fold above. This one features a richer background that better matched the event’s location.

A further simplification led to this 3.5×5 inch card – without folds.

The invitation below was re-formatted 4×9.25 inches to fit into a #10 business envelope. This was done to accommodate sending the invite, its RSVP, the annual report, and the donation card all in one bulk mailing.

To see more about this project, see the BRANDING page by clicking here.

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