Banners for 29-95

Here are a couple of banner headings I did for the print version of 29-95. Above is a restaurant banner for downtown Houston. Below is a banner for the “Hookups” page. In both I decided to scribble a ballpoint pen over the design.

Pulitzer Booklets

Every year not only did we submit our work to the Pulitzers, I also assembled them into a booklet form as a way to showcase our best work. A strict set of criteria needed to be followed for the entries. Articles could not be scaled larger or smaller; the entries needed to fit within an 11×17 format; and each article, entry, and category needed to be clearly labeled:

Assembling the printed flats


Preparing the hardcover mattes


Cutting windows and spiral binding


Tabbing the articles


The finished set of booklets for review


Mise-en-page (Prezi)

Prezi is an online presentation software similar to Flash and somewhat similar to Powerpoint slides. Begin the presentation by clicking the embedded Prezi below: