Verizon Adjacencies

For larger accounts in a newspaper medium we try several strategies to gain audience. A noticeable device is the Spadea or Gatefold. For Verizon Wireless a spadea was presented along with a double-truck spread and a “goalpost” shaped ad. Together with other strategies such as spreads, shaped ads, sponsorships – we even created a 3D ad with glasses – ads that dominates the page are useful to larger accounts that can afford such placements.


Spadeas fold over the cover and have an interesting 3D effect as the flag of the publication is printed at the top of both pages.


Note that this doubletruck “points” from the dominant right page back to the left. This design device helps the eye travel across the mise-en-page.


Example of the “Goal-post” shaped ad. To see more shaped ads and adjacencies, visit the GRAPHIC DESIGN page by clicking here.

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